Privacy Policy

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Personal information: and their websites currently collect personal information on you only during sign-up on one of our websites. The information you provide during sign-up is only used to identify you as the account owner and is not shared with third parties.

Technical information:
Each time you visit one of Namworld's website, your computer transmit technical informations that is collected by our servers and Google Analytics's services to which we are suscribed. This information includes information on you came on our websites (link on another website/typing our adress in your browser), your browser, your screen resolution, visit time, visited pages, etc. This information allows us to better know our audience and design our websites. It also permits us to keep track of ongoing ad campaigns' performance, when applicable. No personal information is collected with those technical informations that are used for statistical purposes.

Cookies: and their websites use cookies to store some data on your computer. Such data include your settings from your usage of our website like the language used, validation of your active connection to an account on one of our websites, etc.

Third-party ad networks that display advertisment on our website can have access to the same technical informations as we do (by using similar means). They may also place some cookies on your computer and use some scripts to retrieve additional informations. We do not take any responsibility of the use of such informations since we cannot control it and do not have access to it. However, those ad networks are reknowned and trustable.

Google Adsense usage of DoubleClick's cookie is an example of such additional information tracking. DoubleClick's cookie allows Google Adsense to track websites you visit that are using the same service. It does not collect any information that can personally identify you, but keep track of your browsing habits to serve ads related to your interests.

Such more complex features usually allows you to opt-out since it collect information you might not want to be available, even if it is only processed by an algorithm. You can opt-out from DoubleClick's cookie here:

You can also set your browser not to accept cookies, but this could restrain you from accessing some websites that requires them to work. (Example: Many website that needs you to connect to an account to access it will use a cookie to remember that you are logged-in. The cookie eventually expires and you get logged out.)